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2011-12-21 16:53:00
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Netmon upgrades


We have upgraded our Netmon service. This is the service that powers our service monitoring and dns fail-over capabilities.

We'll make a comprehensive post with full details soon as there are a couple more parts to the upgrade to roll out over the holidays.

For now, we've

  • Increased monitoring capacity by 1000%
  • New capability to provide confirmed detection of failures in less than 10 seconds
  • Added new SSL options (ignore bad SSL, detect invalid ssl, expired cert, etc)
  • Improved the test status page and reporting
  • Alerts are now delivered in real-time instead of batched to get them to you quicker
  • Syslog alerts now supported

Many, many other minor enhancements and improvements, both front and back end with a few more to come.

The upgraded Netmon service is likely to catch even the briefest of issues now if you have your testing interval set very low. Be sure to set the 'alert threshold' in your relevant alert profiles or increase the time between testing if you wish to make the testing less sensitive and ignore brief outages, reboots, etc.

As usual, please forward your comments or feedback to

Merry Christmas,

Your CloudFloorDNS team.

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