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Thanks for all of your help, we can't believe the service we get for the small price we pay. Brilliant!
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Payment methods

payment methods

Our standard dns service. Pricing as low as $2.37 per year per domain.

Simple, reliable, premium pay as you go dns service with everything the standard user requires.

  • 11 reliable worldwide Unicast DNS nodes
  • Flexible credits system - pay for what you use
  • Unlimited records per zone*
  • 30 day reporting
  • Can be used for Primary, Secondary and Dynamic DNS
  • Fantastic management interface


The ultimate dns service

  • Global Anycast DNS network
  • Advanced load balancing and GEO
  • Built in 10 second web site failover
  • Industries only performance & reliability SLA
  • DNSSec
  • Comprehensive support and migration assistance
  • Unlimited records per zone

Pricing from just $39.50 per month.

For important domains that require optimal geographical performance and reliable dns in a single package.

  • Adds Anycast DNS, up to 28 total DNS servers
  • DNS Failover
  • Guaranteed SLA
  • Priority support
  • Can be used in conjunction with our premium service
  • Unlimited records per zone*

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*subject to fair usage