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Microtech is a company that does not conform to the modern, impersonal, ebusiness model. When you telephone there is no pre-recorded message telling you that all information and services are available on their web site. There is no automated answering service with its 99 levels of menus, 98 of which refer you to the FAQ’s on the website. You dial the number, you hear the ringing tone and then, would you believe, a real person answers.

Payment methods

payment methods

Our standard dns service. Pricing as low as $1.91 per year per domain.

Simple, reliable, premium pay as you go DNS service with everything the standard user requires.

  • Worldwide Unicast DNS Network
  • Flexible credits system - pay for what you use
  • Unlimited records per zone*
  • 30 day DNS Stats reporting
  • Up to 1,000,000 QPM **
  • Offers Primary, Secondary and Dynamic DNS
  • Secure Web management interface


The ultimate Enterprise DNS service

  • Large Global Anycast DNS network
  • Advanced load balancing and GEO DNS
  • Built in 10 second web site failover
  • DNS Performance & reliability SLA
  • DNSSec and Dual Stack IPV4/V6
  • Starting at 5,000,000 QPM **
  • Priority support and migration assistance
  • Unlimited DNS records per zone

Pricing from just $31.75 per month.

For important domains that require optimal geographical performance and reliable dns in a single package.

  • Adds Anycast DNS, up to 28 total DNS servers
  • DNS Failover Options
  • Up to 5,000,000 QPM **
  • Fast and Free support
  • Can be used in conjunction with our premium service
  • Unlimited records per zone*

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*subject to fair usage

*Total DNS Queries Per Month (QPM)