Firefox MT Whois extension

This is a small, and by no means perfect whois extension for the Firefox web browser. It was made only for us to use here, but a couple of clients asked for it, so we decided to make it freely available.

It simply sends the domain name to our whois page, and displays whois data and a few other domain/dns checks in a new browser tab. The whois lookup is accessed either by right clicking on the page and choosing 'Whois Lookup', or via the tools menu. This only saves you a few seconds I guess, but when you do a few hundred lookups a week, anything to make things that bit more convenient is a good thing.

Anyway, here is it.

And, the usual disclaimer. Whilst this extension works fine for us, we don't provide any warranty or support for it whatsoever. If it breaks your browser, or doesn't work for you, sorry, but please don't blame us.

The credit for this really goes to people such as, as without this insight, I doubt we'd ever have bothered to make this.



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