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2005-12-24 08:37:00
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RSS news feed now available


Microtech news articles are now available via an RSS 2.0 feed at

With support for RSS feeds due with Outlook 12, and the general growing popularity and usefulness of RSS we decided to make this enhancement. It's a great, and most of all convenient and time saving way to stay up to date with the latest news.

To use the feed you'll need an RSS news feed reader. There are quite a few around, but 2 free good ones are Awasu and RSSReader. If you're not up to speed with RSS yet, it's worth your time to have a quick read of this good BBC news article on the subject.

We will also shortly add RSS feeds to the support news and maybe the knowledgebase, to enable you to get news, alerts, and new kb articles direct to your desktop.

Please send any comments to

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