About CloudFloor DNS

CloudFloor DNS is the one-stop shop to handle the most crucial aspect of your Internet infrastructure. Without DNS, domain name registration and management services, your business does not exist on the Web. We empower and ensure your Internet presence is always delivered to your customers quickly, reliably, and securely.

With our next-generation suite of DNS, domain management services, we do more than just connect your business to the web. We enable and accelerate your ability to achieve your online business objectives. Whether you manage your company’s website, e-Commerce portal, on-demand software delivery, or ad network, CloudfloorDNS is the only managed DNS and domain management provider built for performance, optimisation, and security – with services designed for companies and users of all sizes.

CloudFloor DNS was formed by the acquisition of MicroTech Limited by CloudFloor Corporation, a US-based software company. MicroTech has been providing DNS, domain registration and email services since 1997 and is one of Europe's leading DNS providers.












"Clearsite has been running around 500 zones for around a year. Having direct control over all and any aspects of DNS, including failover and backup MX, has been great. Moving to specialist DNS services for domains is a no-brainer. Because it has gone so smoothly, we're increasingly using other of their services - mail hosting and registration. "
Clearsite Interactive