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100% DNS Uptime guarantee (Service level agreement)

CloudFloorDNS offers a 100% DNS uptime guarantee for it's paid dns services. We are committed to providing a DNS service with zero downtime. The SLA covers the use of CloudFloorDNS's paid static, dynamic, and secondary DNS services based on it's paid 'webzone' credits. The SLA automatically covers all paid webzone based dns services after an initial 7 day setup period which allows both CloudFloorDNS and the client to properly configure and test their dns configuration.


Downtime will be described as the availability of more than 50% of CloudFloorDNS's dns serving infrastructure being down for a period of 5 minutes or more.

Downtime due to the following events will not be considered downtime.

CloudFloorDNS's own records will be used to determine if an event will be considered 'downtime' and it reserves full discretion regarding this.

Action in the event of downtime

CloudFloorDNS will always attempt to resolve any dns resolution issue with the utmost speed and dedication. In the event of dns service downtime occurring, the following service credits will apply.

5 - 30 minutes 1 days service credit
31 - 60 minutes 3 days service credit
61 - 4 hours 7 days service credit
More than 4 hours 1 month service credit

Service credits are implemented by way of extension of the affected dns service free of charge by the periods specified above. To request a credit in the event of a dns service downtime, a support call must be logged via the support centre detailing the downtime experienced and within 5 days of the outage occurring. CloudFloorDNS will then review it's own logs and determine at it's sole discretion whether or not a credit should be applied. Any compensation due under the terms of this SLA will be expressly limited to the service credits detailed above.

Qualifying for the 100% uptime SLA

Domains must be using 5 or more of CloudFloorDNS's DNS servers to quality for the 100% uptime SLA. Failure to use 5 or more of CloudFloorDNS's servers means you are not getting the advantages the CloudFloorDNS network provides and thus we cannot cover you under the 100% uptime guarantee.

The 100% uptime guarantee for the dns service only applies to paid webzone's based dns services. Free services do not qualify.

Domains must use CloudFloorDNS's official, current name servers. As we cannot be responsible for clients own domain names, clients using vanity name servers do not qualify for the SLA. CloudFloorDNS intentionally provides name server names spread over more than one domain to improve service availability.