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Dynamic DNS clients

Cloudfloordns provides it's own free DNS client for use with it's dynamic dns service. Several third party products also support our DNS services, some of which are listed below.

Dynamic DNS client for Windows (updated 2008.10.05)
Fortunately, most users seem to have access to always on internet services. We have made this small and simple windows dynamic dns client available for download. It requires the .Net V2 runtimes (you can get them from Windows Update - you almost certainly already have them on your PC if you are running windows xp or better) and runs on Windows platforms. It will update your Microtech DNS service whenever required. Version 1.3 is here. Please send any feedback to

If you would like to support our dynamic dns service in your own product please see the simple protocol description here

Third party dynamic dns clients that are known to support Microtech DNS servers

Netcruiser Client for Windows Built in support for our services. Thanks to David Butler.
DirectUpdate Updater that runs as an NT service.
Dynsite Dynsite for Windows platforms
Mojo Mojo is a Multi-Service Multi-Account Dynamic DNS (DDNS) Update Client with support for Microtech dynamic dns services.


CheckSPF - Windows command line SPF checker

CheckSPF checks a domains SPF record against a senders IP and provides debugging information for the record and results. Please see the CheckSPF for more information