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Dynamic DNS Services

If you would like to run your own web, email, or game server but have an account with an ISP that gives you a changing IP address, then this is the service you need. It's perfect for ADSL users without a static IP.

Whenever your computer is on-line, our servers make sure that the IP address you are currently assigned always matches with your domain name. If you have a dial-up, ISDN, Cable, ADSL line etc, the dynamic dns service allows you to run your own web and email server, provide remote access to employees, video conferencing, VPN, and much more. You get all the benefits of a static IP address, without the cost!

Try our dynamic dns free for 30 days If you are in any doubt what you need, please contact us.

A no obligation 30 day free trial is available by signing up here now .

Since 1999, more than 19,000 domains have been making use of our Dynamic DNS services to run servers at their homes and offices. We are a well established and reliable supplier.

To get started with dynamic dns you can change the name severs on your existing domain name or register a new domain name here on our site (dns service is free with .uk names!). Other people on the Internet will then be able to access your PC by it's domain name whenever it is on-line. Changing the name servers on your existing domain name is easy and you can get support from us if you need more information.

We provide a free dns update client for the Windows platform that can be downloaded here. You can also update your IP via our web page. Several third party clients supporting our services are also available.

Some of the features of our dynamic service

Our dynamic dns update protocol is described here and can easily be built into other applications, scripts and routers. Contact our technical support if you need any further information. We are happy to provide assistance to developers and manufacturers.

If you have any queries regarding the dynamic dns service, please contact us..