Enterprise DNS service

As websites and web-based applications have become critical to your enterprise it’s essential to choose a DNS provider who has expertise in performance management and global DNS delivery.

What is it?

Focusing on the future CloudFloor has architected the industry’s first Anycast Plus global network which incorporates the best aspects of both anycast and unicast technology. With over 30 name servers in 21 locations across the globe our network is engineered to deliver maximum performance and availability for our customers.

Staying true to our vision of a smarter approach to DNS, we include network health monitoring, round robin load balancing, DNSSEC and IPv6 support in all of our enterprise packages. For companies that need more extensive control, we offer a comprehensive suite of advanced capabilities such as Failover and Global Traffic Management. If your organization relies on your external network to conduct business, service customers and generate revenue then there is only one choice for Enterprise DNS Services – CloudFloor – A smarter approach to DNS, A better way to do business.


  • 21 (and growing) Globally distributed name servers to host your DNS
  • Powerful interface designed for the enterprise user
  • Industry leading support
  • Customised DNS solutions available
  • Advanced geographic targeting
  • Advanced load balancing based on geography, performance, even user supplied and third party metric.
  • Real-time DNS network with instant cache-clear and zero propagation times
  • Innovative and standard security features such as DNSsec, IP & country blacklisting and detailed logging
  • Optionally fully managed service
  • Access to our DNS experts, whenever you need it
  • Cloud aware
  • Failover and monitoring as standard
  • No overages
  • 100% SLA, including industry leading performance guarantees

Getting started