Enterprise DNS service » No Overages Plan

With CloudFloor DNS, you’ll never pay overage and penalty fees again.

For our Enterprise customers, rather than billing you each month for any overage charges resulting from seasonal or event-driven DNS queries, we allow you to apply your usage against your annualized query allocation, and to "roll-over" unused queries to subsequent months.

If you underestimate your needs, and will exhaust even your annualized allocations we can easily revise the contract upward without penalty.

It’s all part of our differentiated approach to customer service. Unlike other DNS providers we offer customer contracts and billing terms that are simple, flexible and easy to understand.

For more information on our no-overages feature, contact us to have one of our account executives explain how our pricing model works and why it’s the best and most flexible in the industry.
















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CloudFloor DNS' CTO Imad Mouline explains how the ultimate enterprise DNS network is a combination of anycast and unicast nodes.


"Clearsite has been running around 500 zones for around a year. Having direct control over all and any aspects of DNS, including failover and backup MX, has been great. Moving to specialist DNS services for domains is a no-brainer. Because it has gone so smoothly, we're increasingly using other of their services - mail hosting and registration. "
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