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Our dependable web based DNS management service gives you the ability to manage your own DNS zones on our dns servers in real-time. You make DNS changes via our web based control panel whenever you like instead of relying on your ISP and your changes propagate to our worldwide dns network in just a few seconds.

To see how easy it is to use our service, click here for a demo video.

If you are in any doubt what you need, please contact us. You can also try our dns editing interface on a real domain so you can see just how easy it is to manage your dns with Microtech.

A no obligation 30 day free trial is available by signing up here now .

DNS outages are the number 2 reason web sites and email fail! Don't rely on just your ISP or own DNS server if your internet services are important to you. If your dns fails, your web and email will too!

Just some of the many advantages of our web based dns service

  • Make changes anytime. They happen live. No waiting for your ISP
  • Greatly increases your fault tolerance over hosting your own servers
  • Built in dns fail over and system monitoring
  • Can improve your sites performance
  • Very economical and efficient service
  • Minimum of 5 Geographically separated dns servers carry your zone information
  • UK, USA, and other European dns servers as standard
  • Round Robin, load balancing, and wildcards
  • Full support for sub domains
  • DNS API for bulk dns clients fo easy intergration into your own platform
  • .DK registered
  • DNS statistics for each name
  • 100% DNS uptime guarantee

Our DNS services are suitable for all sizes of organisations, from personal usage to ISP's and web hosts, and we have an API available. Comprehensive DNS support and advice is included.

With our innovative use of 'webzone' credits you can switch between primary, secondary, or dynamic zones with no cost penalty. Delete domains and re-use zones as needed. You can use webzones for some of our other services as well.

For some more information about our web based static DNS management tools and some screen shots, click here.

For pricing and sign up information go here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or use the live support on the right of the page.


dns zone file editing

Easy dns editing with real-time changes, change tracking, automatic backups, complete control

Sleep easy knowing your DNS is in expert hands.

Try our dns service free for 30 days

"by far the best DNS Service Provider we have ever used."



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