Array ( ) Update your dynamic DNS settings
Important Information

We will be sunsetting this service at the end of July 2018. If users would like to update their dynamic IP Address via a script or automated program after July they can do so by requesting access to our API via our helpdesk.

Update your dynamic DNS settings
This page is kept intentionally sparse to preserve bandwidth, version 4.0

Your current automatically detected IP address is
If this is incorrect, it may be due to caching in place by your ISP. Try using a client from here

Your email address (or domain name) & password (see note)
Answer all DNS requests with IP address
(leave blank to use auto IP detection, set for off-line)
Set your MX record to (optional)
(must be full host name terminated with '.', e.g. )
Your off-line URL* Use stealth
(if blank a generic one will be used - should be in the format
Your off-line message (optional, up to 200 characters)*
Use heartbeat monitor (Only works if you use a client that supports it)
Relay port 80 requests for to port*

If you enter your username and password, all dynamic domains on your account will be updated. If you enter a domain name and your password, only that single domain will be updated. This is to allow clients to have multiple dynamic domains on different computers on the same account.

Hearbeat monitor
The heartbeat monitor regularly monitors your connection to see if it is still alive. You need to use a client that supports this for it to work. You may also need to enable a port on your firewall if you use this option.

Relay Port
Use this if your ISP blocks your port 80. This will divert the to the port specified here so you can run your web server on another port number. Please not that this is a workaround for ISP's that block port 80. In the end, if you are running an important website, it is always better to have an ISP that does not block port 80.

* Not available on free domains


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