Why choose CloudfloorDNS?

As websites and web-based applications have become more critical, and new technologies such as cloud computing, SaaS, big data, DNSSEC, IPv6, and mobile web, gain adoption, it is especially important to choose an experienced DNS provider who has in depth knowledge in global DNS delivery and providing a robust feature set to power your web presence.

Customers choose CloudfloorDNS for the following key reasons. We offer unprecedented control, visibility and performance in an easy to use platform.

  • Robust, rich and easy to use interface – a strong platform goes a long way. Customers and prospects, alike, resoundingly disclose the user experience and platform as the number 1 reason why they selected CloudfloorDNS. It is not only simple, which is ideal for novice DNS users, but rich in its advanced features and small details, which is highly valued for expert and Enterprise DNS users.

  • In depth knowledge and strong customer support – we service over 10,000 customers worldwide and process billions of queries each year. Our team has comprehensive DNS knowledge available to help you institute best practices for your Internet Infrastructure. With our support teams located in UK and USA. For over a decade we have a history of providing customers advice and support beyond the call of duty. Migration and set-up is free and we provide value-added advice and consultation, also free, to help improve and optimise customers’ web businesses through DNS.

  • No overage charges – unlike other DNS providers, there are no costly overages with CloudfloorDNS.

  • New technology features built for the cloud – we offer new DNS features not provided by other providers. This include new, DNS protocol compliant record types built for DNS performance issues in the cloud, such as our Alias Record, Performance Based Load Balancing, and Distance Based Load Balancing record types.

  • Fastest failover in the industry – powered by our distributed monitoring network, we can provide sub 10 second fail-over. Our sub-10 second failure detection often alerts the user to the incident before the client is aware of the issue.

  • Advanced analytics and reporting - our friendly user interface is also backed by extensive access to real-time and historical DNS reporting, logging and statistics. We have helped save customers money by using this data to institute better DNS practices to minimize query volumes and improve DNS performance.

  • Next generation hybrid Anycast Network – we offer an extensive global Anycast and Unicast hybrid network built to optimise query routing regardless of network conditions. We have over 20 nodes across Tier 1 global locations.

  • European leader and International presence – we are an international solutions provider for global DNS, domain name, and Internet infrastructure services. We are recognised as a European leader in the Soho, SMB and Enterprise DNS and domain name markets with a history of European success. Our network is Internationally focused with nodes across the globe. We also maintain sales and support offices in the UK and US to ensure greater global delivery and operations.

  • Expanding North American business operations – we are replicating our historic European success in North America by expanding our North American team and network operations. A self-service e-commerce portal is now available for North American Soho and SMB users in addition to Enterprise DNS offerings for North American clients.

  • Security against attacks and DNSSEC - we offer advanced security functionality to ensure your network resiliency including one-click DNSSEC and built-in multiple redundancy layers.

  • Performance and extreme Reliability SLA– we offer the industry’s only performance based SLA guaranteeing resolution and replication times, in addition to a 100% DNS uptime.