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Adding permissions for another user to manage domains and DNS


The CloudfloorDNS systems offers a convenient way to allow multiple users to have access to certain aspects of domain and DNS management. In order to add permissions, it's best to set these permissions in a group. You can allow permissions based on an email address of a user in our system, and set specific permissions such as Edit DNS, Manage Domains or can only view.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you begin, there MUST be a user account in our system for the new user you with to grant permissions.

1) Create the user account (It's Free) - Have the user signup for an account on our system. Once the user account is created, note the email address used, this is the username

2) Login into the master account where you wish to assign permissions to a domain or set of domains

3) Click MY ACCOUNT tab and select MY GROUPS as shown in the screenshot below:

Domain Management Panel at CloudfloorDNS

4) Scroll down to the CREATE OR MANAGE A GROUP. This is where you will add the new group. In this example we called it "YOURGROUP". Type in the group name, and add a description. You can also set custom name servers for any domains in this group if you wish. Click ADD GROUP in the bottom left to create the group.

Domain Management Panel at CloudfloorDNS

5) You now want to go back to the Domain/DNS management panel and select the domain(s) in the list that you wish to add to the group. In this case we are adding two domains, so you can see that they are checked ON in the list, and then we select ADD TO GROUP as shown below in the bottom left. This adds those domains to the group

Domain Management Panel at CloudfloorDNS

6) No go back to MY ACCOUNT, and click MY GROUPS. Select the group in the list that you created in step 4 and then down below in the GROUP PERMISSIONS, enter in the USERNAME (email address) and select permissions on the right side, then click ADD, this will add that user to the group of domains, I added all your domains into that group for you (You can use the Management panel, bottom left to ADD/REMOVE from group) and the FILTERS can filter the group - all done in the domain management panel

Domain Management Panel at CloudfloorDNS

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