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DNS Failover


DNS network fail over for Microtech DNS service using the Netmon services

The fail over feature provides a way for you to direct traffic to another host if the service on the primary host fails. You can fail over hosts in a DNS zone by setting up appropriate fail over tests on the Netmon service.

The video below will help you get setup for DNS Failover if your domain name is hosted on the cloudfloor DNS. We also have other methods that utilze CNAMEs if your primary DNS is with another DNS host.

Once you have configured a test using the netmon service :

In the 'Domain name' box, put the name of the dns domain that the fail over relates to, i.e. This must be the name of the domain that the records you want to fail over are in. This zone must be present on the microtech dns servers. The records you want to fail over must also exist in this zone.

In the 'DNS records to fail over' box put the records you want to fail over in the following way


For example


The above means that the 'www' record in the '' zone will be set to '' under normal circumstances. Should a fail condition be detected, the 'www' record will be pointed to ''. If the original server is detected back on line again, the 'www' record will revert to ''. Make sure there is a carriage return after each line.

If you want to fail over more than one record, add them on subsequent lines, i.e.



The URL or hostname you use to test with should not be once of the records that fails over. The reason for this is that once the test has failed, the hostname's IP will change, and the test will be testing another host instead of the original. This will have the affect that the test will not fail back to the primary host. You should use an IP address or static hostname for the test host.

HTTP tests should not be to pages that redirect. The test is looking for a 'good' response, and a redirect etc will not be seen as such.

Fail over on HTTPS services can only be made using a URL that matches the SSL certificate as a valid test url.


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