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Article ID : # Last review : 2006-12-29 14:53:00

DNS Templates


DNS templates are a powerful tool to managing multiple similar domains, especially in hosting situations.

Many domains are often pointed to the same servers and share common dns information. This is often the case if domains are for the same client, or are all being hosted on the same server.

Microtech already has time saving features that enable you to set default zone files and create new zones based on zones that already exist, but templates go much further than that.

Imagine the following scenario. You have 250 domains hosted on your current web server. You decide to host elsewhere and the IP of the WWW record changes. What do you do? With template based DNS you simply update the master template and all the zones based on that template also update in real time. Adding, deleting, and changing records in the master zone affects all the domains based on the template.

You can build as many templates as you wish. This enables you to create templates for groups of domains, say those belonging to a particular client that have common settings. Next time the client asks for the 'www' record to be updated on all their records, or an MX record added to those 200 domains, it'll be a 30 second job to update them.

To setup templates visit the management panel and click the 'DNS Templates' tab on the domain listing. Any existing templates will be listed, and from there you can enter the domain name you want to base the new template on (they must be based on an existing zone) and a description for that template. When you enable the dns facilities on a domain or create a new zone file you'll be given the opportunity to create those zones based on any existing templates. The newly created zones will stay associated with that template and any changes made to the master zone will be replicated to all zones based on the master unless you 'dissociate' the zone from the template via the link on the dns editing for that domain.

Note that if you make changes to a zone file based on a template, and not to the master template, the changes will not be replicated elsewhere. This is intentional and allows you to still have domains based on template but retain the ability to add single extra unique records where required.

If you do not have templates in place but are looking to bulk insert, delete, or update dns records in multiple zones, please look at the 'Bulk update' feature on the 'DNS' menu.


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