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Geo DNS Geographical load balancing


Geographical load balancing / Geo DNS

CloudfloorDNS Geo DNS is a way of serving different responses to querying clients based on their apparent country of origin. Geo DNS on the CloudfloorDNS platform can be enabled for any domain during the DNS setup process by ticking the 'Enable GeoDNS' box. Use this method also for existing domains. It will not overwrite data unless you request that during setup.

To assign specific geo records, add them in the normal way as shown below. You will note there is a new 'Geo' column. Use this to add the appropriate 2 letter ISO country code you wish to apply to your record. You can specify multiple country codes separated by commas, for example, GB, DE, for Great Britain and Germany. Multiple records with different country codes and the same name can be added. Multiple A records with the same name and country code will server as a load balancing group for the specified country.

CloudfloorDNS GeoDNS

You can also update existing records to add the country codes to the if you wish.

For visitors from unknown or non-matching regions, the default record will be supplied. The default record is the record with the same name but no country codes listed.

Country code matching can currently be used with A records.

In the example below, you can see the Geo DNS is setup to use the WWW record. In this example you can see we have four different servers that handle the WWW traffic. You'll see in the example that we have a WWW record without any GEO data - this "catches" the queries outside of the countries specified and sends them to the specific IP here. The other www records are set to serve to specific country codes - such as the top WWW entry serves the IP of to Russia, Greece and Turkey only.

CloudfloorDNS GeoDNS



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