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How do I add a sub domain to my dns


how to create a dns sub domain

There are 2 ways to create dns subdomains on the Microtech platform. If you simply want a name for a website, then the easiest method is the first one. If you need completely seperate dns administration, for example if this is a branch office with different mail servers etc, then it is probably best for you to setup via method 2.

Method 1
Add a subdomain called to the dns would be done as follows

Bring up the parent domains dns via the link on your management panel
In the new record section, type the name of your subdomain in the 'name' colum, in this case, 'subdomain'. No dot is required, nor should you put the name in full.
In the type colum, select the record type (normally 'A' if pointing to an IP address), in the data field, enter the IP address or host name this sub domain points to, click the add button.

If you need to add MX records for this sub domain, add a new record with 'subdomain' as the name, MX as the record type, and put the name of the mail server in full (with the dot at the end) in the data column.

Method 2
This is generally preferred for more complex sub domains due to the fact management from the parent is separated.

Go to the 'DNS' menu, choose 'Enable dns for a domain', choose the static dns option.
Enter the name of the domain to setup, ie.
Proceed to the editing page and configure dns as normal.
If the parents dns is already on our servers, there is nothing further to do. If the parents dns points to servers elsewhere you will need to ask the dns administrator of the parent zone to delegate the dns for the sub domain to our servers.


If you create a sub domain using method 2, make sure there is no A record with this sam name in the parent domains dns as this will override your sub domain
If you already tried to see if your sub domain was working before you added it, it's possible due to DNS caching at the client / ISP end it might not work right away. Please be patient and allow up to the zone TTL (normally 1 hour) for your ISP dns cache to clear.


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