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How do I add a subdomain to my domain


How do I add a subdomain to my domain?

A subdomain is really just another host name. There are 2 ways to go about adding a new sub domain. If we have for example the popular domain and we want to add the subdomain 'accounts', we have 2 ways to do this. The first way is to add a completely new domain from the dns services menu, setup dns, and call it This gives us a completly seperate zone file for this subdomain. This is useful if you wish to delegate sub domains to others to manage, will have many records in the subdomain, or are required for security reasons to seperate it.

The most common way people add simple subdomains if their only real requirement is perhaps to have it resolve and maybe different MX records is to add it directly to the parent domains zone file. Just add a new record with the 'name' colum set to 'accounts' in this example, add the IP etc. and you are done. To apply MX records for this subdomain, add them as usual but put 'accounts' in the 'name' column. This makes the MX only apply to the sub domains.

Sub domains can be created on our platform even when we do not host the parent domain. To do this, create the subdomain as per the first exmaple, then ask the mantainer of the parent domain to 'delegate' the sub domain to our dns servers. This is just a case of adding a few new NS records. This makes it possible for you to host sub domains of domains with Cloudfloordns without us hosting the parent domain.

CloudFloorDNS fully supports subdomains in all it's dns products.


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