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Article ID : # Last review : 2005-12-24 14:30:17

How do I set up reverse DNS

  You need to have a subnet allocated to you by your service provider. If you have an entire class C netblock, get your ISP (or ARIN) to delegate reverse DNS to our dns servers then add the relevant reverse zone for your subnet, e.g. If you have less than a class C you can still have reverse dns, but it is not quite so easy (for your isp anyway). You need to have your ISP CNAME the records to our servers. Most decent ISP's will do this, but a few won't. If you just need a single entry for a mail server for example, it may be easier to simply request your ISP add a reverse lookup for you to their dns. Reverse DNS is not required for most internet systems, but your may get a problem sending email directly to some mail servers such as AOL who use reverse lookups to try to help and prevent spam. The most common requirement for reverse dns seems to be to help with this particular situation. An alternative if you experience this problem would be to relay your emails out via your ISP or via a mail relay such as one of our email services. Example reverse zone file names (class C) 192/ (/192 network) 136/ (/136 network)

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