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How to add a reverse dns lookup zone


To create a reverse dns zone file on the Microtech system, choose 'Enable dns for a domain' from the 'DNS' menu. Choose the static option. On the following page, enter the name of the domain in the box. This will be different depending on the IP range you are adding, but as an example, would be the name for 192.168.1.x. This assumes you have a class C subnet, i.e. 255 addresses. If you have a smaller subnet delegated to you, your name will be something like 16/, depending on the subnet you have been provided with. Note, you will have to have this subnet delegated to you, either via the IP registry such as ripe, or in the case of smaller subnet's, by your ISP before reverse dns lookups will be resolved from this zone.

Once you have created the zone file, add your individual IP records. These can be added by adding a record type of 'PTR', setting the name column to the value of the IP address, i.e. 1, 4, 15, or 234, and setting the 'data' column to the name you want your IP to resolve to, i.e. ''. Make sure you remember the trailing dot (.) after the name if you list it in full.

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