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Article ID : # Last review : 2006-08-13 07:37:00

I wrote a Dynamic DNS update client. Can it work with your service


We'd love you to. Details are submitted via http or https to this form. A test account is available. Please email for the details. Please follow the following guidelines.

1) Do not hard code any IP addresses into your code. Always use the DNS names.
2) Do not update the users IP any more than every 10 minutes (else you will be blocked).
3) The client should check all the given input before sending it to the server for proper form.
4) All clients must provide unique useragent so that we can identify the client being used.
5) Redundant updates (updates that do not change the host's settings) are considered abusive, and after a certain threshold will cause the host to become blocked and non-up datable. Clients should make sure that they are not sending abusive  updates.

The dynamic DNS update protocol is very simple and can easily be integrated with scripts, clients, routers etc. The protocol is described in detail here


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