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Office 365 DNS configuration


Configuring dns with use with Microsoft Office 365

Our support team receives a large number of enquiries how to configure Cloudfloordns with Office 365.

This is a general guide to assist people in adding the correctly formatted Office 365 records to their dns.

Actual values and server names may vary as MS changes / expands it's service.
You should verify these settings with their web site.

Mostly, questions are regarding the correct way to add the required SRV records.

The office 365 site will give you a list of settings similar to the following

office365 configuration details


For the SRV records, these will need to be added to your cloudfloordns panel in the following manner

office 365 dns configuration

Note that there is a . before the _tcp, _udp, or _tls.
Note that there is 1 space between each value in the data column. These values are priority, port, host name.
If the host name is external to the zone you are editing as per the above example, put a . (dot) after it.

Here is an example for the cname record

office 365 sip dns configuration

Some office 365 instruction pages tell you to add a @ to your name column. The @ is not used in Cloudfloordns (or many other dns systems). Instead of @, just leave the field empty.


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