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SPF records

  SPF stands for "Sender Policy Framework' and is helpful in trying to prevent spam. The official SPF site can be found here.

Microtech fully supports and recommends the use of SPF records where possible. All Microtechs DNS services support the TXT records required to implement SPF.

SPF records are simply TXT records added to your DNS zone file that list the mail servers that will be responsible for sending email for your domain. When another email server receives a mail claiming to be from, the remote mail server can check the SPF record, if it exists, and verifies that the mail server it came from is listed as a mail server that provides mail sending services for that domain. There's no specific rules as to what to do if it doesn't. Some servers will reject it, others tag it as possible spam etc.

Why is this useful? A great deal of spammers send out mail using other peoples domain names. This is not only inconvenient due to the flood of emails you will get, but it could quite possibly be damaging your business reputation etc. At the very least, it doesn't look good. SPF helps prevent this happening.

If an email passes the SPF check, you will at least know that it originated from one of the servers listed in the SPF DNS records for that domain. This can also make it possible for ISP's etc who run spam filters to skip at least some of the expensive spam processing.

Microtech has an SPF wizard to help you in generating SPF records for your domains.


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