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Article ID : # Last review : 2008-12-01 15:26:00

You get warning errors on your dns editing page re mismatched name servers


You get a warning about mismatched name servers in the dns zone file editing page.

Warnings such as ' is present in the dns zone file by not in the public delegation' and ' is present in the public delegation but not in the dns zone file'. These errors may or may not be critical. They can also show when the dns servers have recently been changed, but the dns information has not yet propagated around the internet (if this is the case, please check back 24 hours later and see if the error has cleared).

If you get this warning on a domain registered with Microtech and you want the DNS to be pointing to Microtech (so you can manage the dns from Microtech), there is a simple way to resolve this. Go to the domain management panel, click on the domain name in the management panel (it will be a link), choose the option to 'update dns servers'. On this page there is a button near the bottom of the page that says 'click this button to automatically set the name servers to Microtech's'. Click this button. This will update the domain name servers with the registry and also reset the NS records in your dns zone file with us, making sure they both match and that you are using the latest set of Microtech's dns servers. The error on the dns zone file editing page should go away within a few hours, though please allow up to 24 hours.

If your domain name is not registered with Microtech, you will need to either update the name servers with your registrar to match the ones in your dns zone file with Microtech, or update the NS records in the zone file to match the ones you have given to your registrar. Microtech has several name servers (approximately 6), and some registrars only allow 2. Whilst this is not a good option from the registrar (it does not give you full fault tolerance). If you are getting the dns warning that the NS records in your zone file do not match the ones listed in the public delegation, this is most likely as we have by default listed all our name servers in your zone file, but your registrar is only listing 2 or 3. We recommend you change registrar, but if this is not possible or desirable, you will need to remove the extra ns records from your dns zone file.



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