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Article ID : # Last review : 2005-12-24 14:30:17

How can I acquire an expiring or expired UK domain name


Microtech can help you to acquire UK domains that are expiring, have expired, and/or are pending deletion.  Microtechs UK capture service will monitor and attempt to register any domain you add to your panel.

Microtech has high speed connections directly to the UK registry (Nominet), and together with our proprietary system we can apply to Nominet for a name normally within seconds of it becoming available. Nominets system is not yet real-time, so an application has to be made, then you have to wait to verify the outcome of that application. You will normally know the outcome within a minute or so.

Nominet strictly limits the number of connections third parties can make to it's systems, so it is difficult for people without setups such as ours to acquire domain names in this manner.




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