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How do I change the name servers for my domain


To change the name servers for a domain held with us, either click on the domain name in the management panel or enter the name into the 'manage domain' box on the left of the web site. On the next page, choose the 'Update DNS servers' link. Add or remove name servers as needed (no need to click any 'save' button), or click the button to set the names servers to ours if you will be using our dns services. This function will also reset any NS records in your zone file as needed.

Name server changes will be requested by us within a couple minutes and confirmed by email. Due to DNS propagation around the internet, the change will most likely take several hours to take affect.

The procedure will be very similar for other registrars. Be aware that altering the NS records in your zone file/dns will not change the name servers for your domain. This must be done at the registry level. Some TLD's will also check your DNS servers to ensure they are configured according to their particular preferences. .fr, .de, it, for instance. If your DNS is not configured properly, even though it may appear to be working, you can end up with your domain name suspended or even deleted. This does not apply to the major TLD's such as .com, .net, .org, . uk, etc., but if you are using some of the very specific country TLD's, please do check their requirements to ensure your re-delegation goes smoothly.

For some registries such as .com, name servers must be properly registered with the registrar of the host domain before they can be used. For example, if you want to use name server, the name server must have already been created by the registry that holds only applies if you are using your own or third party name servers.

If you are having problems updating your name servers, also check your contact information to ensure it is up to date. Registries may not allow domains to be updated if the contact information is not correct or domain 'roles' have been supplied instead of real persons names.


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