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How do I resubmit a failed domain transfer


Sometimes a domain transfer will fail due to circumstances outside our / your control. Common reasons include

  • administrative contact does not respond to email
  • epp / authorisation key was incorrect
  • domain was not older than 90 days
  • domain was locked at the loosing registrar
  • various other reasons

If this happens and you take steps to resolve the issue you can simply resubmit the domain transfer without incurring any further charges by using the 'resubmit failed transfer' link that should be present next to the domain name in the domain management panel (domain names menu, 'management panel').

If you need to update, change, or supply an EPP or authorisation key for the domain, click on the domain name in the management panel and choose the option to update the epp key.

If the administrative contact is not listed as you or someone you can get to authorise the transfer (you can check this in whois), then it can sometimes be easier to get the contact details updated to your own with the current registrar before re-initiating the transfer, or change the admin contact address to and we will take steps to ensure the domain authorisation is responded to appropriately.

Should you require any assistance, please contact support or use the live support on our web site where someone will be happy to offer advice and assistance.




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