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Article ID : # Last review : 2007-11-21 10:27:00

How to transfer a .uk name from 123Reg to Microtech (a basic guide)

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To transfer a .uk name from 123Reg to Microtech, you can follow this guide.

Please note, that the 123Reg's web site may change at any point in the future without our knowledge, this guide may become out of date, though we will do out best to keep it accurate.

The following basic steps are needed

Login to the 123Reg control panel with your username and password as provided by them

Select your domain name from the drop down list and choose 'modify domain'

Choose the option to change the IPS tag. Enter MICROTECH as the new IPS tag.

Once you have confirmation from us that the transfer is complete, you should update the name servers within 24 hours if you need to. 123Reg DNS, if you were using it will stop approximately 48 hours after you transfer away the domain. Failure to update your dns with us or another provider before then will mean your domain might stop working.

To setup dns on our web site for the name after it has transferred, click the name in the management panel. Choose the option to update the dns servers, click the button to set the name servers to Microtech's. Once you have done this, choose 'enable dns for a domain' from the dns menu and follow through the steps to setup dns for your domain. Please log a call via the support centre if you need any assistance.

Correct as of 21.11.207

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