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Transferring domains away from 1and1 (1and1) to Microtech (how to)


transferring domains away from 1and1 / 1&1 to Microtech

Start at (or perhaps .com if you are not in the uk).

Chose the menu option to change your contract

select the contract from the list available

Choose the option to cancel individual items (or the whole contact if you are sure you don't need anything else).

Select the domain option (as soon as possible) for the names you want to transfer.

Next page and do the next 10 if you have more than 10.

OK, to the confirmation page.

If you are transferring domains that require EPP keys, these should be presented on this page. Cut and paste them into something as you'll need them when you enter the transfer request on Microtech's web site. They are case sensitive, so if you write them down, do it carefully.

Open the first link (right click and open in new window else you'll loose the current one!). This will send an email to the contract holder asking for confirmation to cancel

Right click and open each of the other links, 1 by 1 and print them.

Sign and date the forms as needed and 'fax back to the number on the form' (note -despite 1and1 instructions, there appears to be no fax numbers on the forms we've seen, and it's a different number than their main one. A call to their support verifies the fax number at the time of writing this is 0845 0762202)


To request the transfer in of the domains at Microtech

Go to, select 'domain names', 'transfer' from the menu and enter the names to transfer.

Don't forget, if you have a number of domains to transfer and would rather we manage the move for you, contact our sales team

NOTE:: Please cancel your 1&1 hosting if you are no longer going to use it, else 1&1 will continue to bill you for hosting services.


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