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Articles in category 'Mailscan'
KB3082 Users are getting 5.1.1 rejected for spam reasons
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  5.1.1 error. Message rejected for spam reasons If a user gets a bounce message stating 5.1.1, message rejected for spam reasons, either their own or their ISP's mail server is mos...
KB3020 Does the process delay my mail
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  Generally, not by any significant amount. The process normally only takes a few seconds for each email....
KB3021 What mail servers do you support
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  We suppport all mail servers that use SMTP to transfer their mail....
KB3022 What if my mail server is going to be down for more than a week
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  Simply contact us to arrange to hold your mail for longer. As long as you don't go over quota we'll hold you mail for as long as you want....

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