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How to monitor POP servers


To monitor POP servers simply add a test to Netmon with the test type 'POP'. Make sure your port is set at 110, or set the the appropriate port number if you run your POP server on a non-standard port.

CloudfloorDNS POP3 Method for Netmon

If you just do the above, then Netmon will alert you when the POP port is no longer alive. However, there are many occasions when the POP port is alive, but the service cannot respond correctly. For instance, the service may be alive, but the server run out of disk space or suffering another problem. In that type of situation the POP server will respond with an error code other than the +OK' everything is OK code. To check your SMTP status more thoroughly you can add '+OK' to the 'check response for' field. This will ensure that your SMTP server is not only alive, but isn't suffering some other issue that will prevent it accepting email.

You can also supply the username and password of a valid account on the server. If supplied, netmon will try and authenticate to the pop server with those details, and alert you if the account cannot be accessed.



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