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How to monitor private services inside your network


Netmon probe, installation and configuration

To monitor services inside your network, not visible to public users, you need to use the netmon Probe. This is a simple windows service that runs within your protected network to monitor services and report data back over standard http to our servers. The probe is capable of monitoring a variety of parameters suchg as running processes, cpu load and temperate, free drive space etc.

To configure a probe test, please add your new test via the Netmon management panel/web site. When adding the test, select the 'probe' test type. You will be provided with additional instuctions, a download link for your probe and a UDI that will indentify this specific probe instance.

The Netmon probe must be extracted to a folder 'netmon' and installed as a windows service using the .NET 'installutil' command, i.e. 'installutil netmonprobe.exe'. You should then set the service to auto start in the windows service list and it is recommended to set the recovery options to automatically restart the service if is fails. You will need to edit the config.ini file to set the monitoring options you require, and the 'uid' option which should match the 'Probe UID' shown above. This is what uniquely identifies your probe.

Once the probe service is started, you should start to see results coming in via the netmon management panel.


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