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How do I re-send the SSL approval email, or change it


How do I re-send the SSL approval email, or change it?

If you did not receive the SSL approval email, or need to change it due to selecting a non-working address, this is possible.

Go to the SSL management panel. You will see the certificate 'Processing' or 'Approval Email Sent'. Click the link to 'Cancel Configuration'. This cancels the pending configuration and allows you to re-configure the certificate. When you click this link the management panel will re-load. The same certificate will be shown with the status 'Rejected by customer'. Click the link to configure your certificate, and add the appropriate details again as per the first time configure. The authorisation email will be sent to the new address.

For security reasons and to ensure that SSL certificates are only issued to relevant people, thus preventing fraud, the authorisation emails can only be sent to the addresses suggested by the drop down list. This normally consists of addresses at the domain itself, it's parent domain, or the listed domain contacts in public whois.


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