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Articles in category 'Spammanager'
KB3048 Can I ask Microtech support to release quarantined emails for me
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  Microtech support staff regularly monitor the spam queues for most of the domains we service. Spam is regularly purged and any legitimate emails found are released on a very regula...
KB3049 How do I change my spammanager password
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  To change your spammanager account password you need to contact your support department who will be able to log a request for us to have the password updated.   ...
KB3050 Can you exlude my email address from spam checking
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  Microtech can exempt your email account from advanced spam checking. Some basic checks will still occur and cannot be removed, however, mail will not be quarantined. Only mail fr...
KB3051 How long before messages in my spam queue are automatically deleted
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  Messages in the spam queue are automatically removed after 10 days. However, during this period, mail that is confirmed as spam or detected as being from spam sources will still be...
KB3052 Spammanager detects valid messages as spam. How do I stop this
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  No spam detection system can be 100% and still retain prompt delivery of email. Microtech attempts to achieve a balance where the majority of spam is detected, but with a minimum f...
KB3053 I still recieve spam. How can I stop it
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  Whilst we do stop the majority of spam, it will never be possible to stop it 100% without impacting the delivery of legitimate emails. If you find yourself receiving a large amoun...
KB3054 I keep checking my spam queue, but there is rarely anything in it
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  The spam queues are constantly monitored. Items confirmed as junk are globally removed from the spam queues on a regular basis. This means that items that may have been in your spa...

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